Please welcome Binom 1.15
New Devices Database, Facebook integration and Dark mode.
Let us briefly guide you through this update
Dark mode
Now you can switch colorization to your liking
Facebook integration
Synchronize your Facebook costs with your tracker
Facebook Cloaker (beta)
A sneak peek to our future cloaker
JS Cloaker
Cloak directly on the landing page using our new JS script
Updated search bar
Now you can use regular expressions, campaign key, landing page url or an offer page url in a search bar
Mass collapse/expand in reports
Adjust your reporting view in two clicks
New elements in custom formulas
EA & Uniq. Clicks (campaign) are now available in formulas
Updated Devices Database:
Now you will have more accurate device detection
New currencies:
12 new currencies and Bitcoin
Bots column:
Now you can add bots column in statistics
Multiple report linse select with shift:
Select several lines in campaign report with shift
New Total Scheme type:
Adjust Total of your custom columns
Responsive design improvements
Notes in Rotations
Landing ripper improvements
Mass campaign postback % edit
Integrated landing’s files copy
Conversions log optimization
Logs and reports .csv export imrovements
Exact match checkbox in rule by referrer and URL
Known bugs fixes